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How much do your publishing services cost?

Our standard typesetting for a 300-page book costs between EUR 150 and EUR 300. The final price depends on many factors, including on the quality of the manuscript and the complexity of the content. For example, the higher the quality of the manuscript and the less complex the content (e.g. text only), the lower the price. In turn, for example, the more photos in the book and the more diverse the layouts, the longer the design time, and therefore our service will cost more. If you need custom layouts in the book, the price will also increase. What is worth remembering is the fact that the efficiency of customer communication with us is very important. The more responsive the client is, the faster and more efficiently the project will be completed. The cost of a cover design with proofreading costs an average of EUR 250 and takes about 6 hours of work. The simpler the design and the fewer adjustments, the lower the cost to the customer. You will receive the book cover design prepared by us in PDF format and it will be a file ready for printing. If you want us to convert your book to EPUB, the project will cost between €50 and €120 depending on the complexity of the content.

In what format should I send the files to the book typesetting?

We recommend sending files in a word processing program, e.g. Microsoft Word, because your text may require additional editing before typesetting. We do not recommend sending the file in PDF format as some formatting may be lost during this process.

What resolution is best for printing photos?

The optimal resolution is 300 dpi for color photos and over 150 dpi for black and white photos.

In what format should I send the photos?

Images can be sent as jpg, tiff, bitmap, png, psd or other source files.

When will my book be ready to print?

Delivery of a ready-printed book file depends on many factors, including on the quality of your manuscript, the complexity of the content (text only or text with graphics or photos) and layouts. Text-only books can be created very quickly, literally in a matter of hours. More complex books require more time, for example several days.

When will my book be printed?

After preparing a print-ready PDF file in accordance with the requirements of the printing house, you will receive the so-called Digital "softproof" of your book asking for approval. At your request, we can also accept it for you. The standard approval process can take up to 2 days. A soft cover book can take up to 12 business days to print and a hard cover book can take up to 18 business days to print. However, it should be remembered that the waiting time will also depend on the occupancy of the printing house with other orders.

How long does it take to produce my book?

It is safe to say that the entire process of producing a book can take anywhere from one month to several months. The length of the wait depends on the complexity of the book and other commitments of the printer.

Can any traditional book become an e-book?

Yes, any traditional book designed for print can become an e-book. We can convert any book to EPUB format. Depending on your needs, we will convert your book to an e-book in Fixed or Reflow. If you would like to compare the Reflow and Fixed formats, click here.


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